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2012-09-14 3T-magazine:

Cheap Indian program development is really more expensive than Finnish programming, when you take into account correcting the numerous errors. This is revealed by a secret report leaked to 3T magazine.
Halpakoodi käy kalliiksi

We can pack great functionality to small hardware

We are specialized to skills, methods, and tools to create compact, fast, and reliable software for small systems.

Various applications for embedded systems

OBP Research Oy

Pioneers in model-based software engineering

  • Scope
    • Embedded real-time systems
  • Our aims
    • Cutting your time-to-market
    • Fast, compact, easy-to-maintain, and reliable software
  • Products
    • ReaGeniX visual programming tool for embedded real-time
    • ReaGOS real-time kernel
  • Services
    • Training in ReaGeniX model-driven S/W engineering
    • Embedded R-T software engineering and consultation
    • In house tool development
    • QFD analysis consultation to find right qualities and functionality for the product

Our mission is to develop and distribute technology to help making reliable embedded systems meeting the needs of your customer.

OBP Research specializes on embedded and real-time software development methodologies. We provide architecture and design automation products and services for software development.

OBP Research Oy is a privately held company founded in 1996 by current owners.

Company presentation slides [PPS] 0.4 MB

OBP Business Case, presentation in Finnish Software Industry Summit 2004, Espoo [PDF] 2.3 MB

OBP Research Oy, c/o Ari Okkonen, Mielikintie 6 A 7, FI-90550 OULU, FINLAND
Tel: +358 40 542 2059, Email: