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ReaGeniX History

Technical Reseach Center of Finland (VTT) published ReaGeniX. ReaGenix was originally developed to model and implement SIXA X-ray satellite communication system.
ReaGeniX support for indexed components, transitions and connections to improve scalability to large control systems. First industrial customer case: Nokia Maillefer cable reel transfer control.
ReaGenix support for deeply embedded and small system with IAR x51 compiler.
ReaGeniX diagramming tool was changed to Visio.
OBP Research Oy acquires ReaGeniX from VTT. ReaGenix was adapted for 32-bit Microsoft Windows.
General interfacing kit was developed to facilitate interfacing to any runtime environment.
Special support for ATmega128 to facilitate interfacing to microcontrollers. Component test environment to help interactive workstation testing of software components. Support for hierarchical state machines.
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