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Cut Costs and Improve Quality

Quality means less errors, better customer satisfaction, less surprises in development project, and easier maintenance. Costs can be cut by reducing complexity to speed up development, avoiding expensive redesign by finding errors earlier, speeding up maintenance by understandable documentation, and generating automatically code from the design documents.

ReaGeniX technology improves quality:

  • Project Quality
    • Clear work breakdown structure to separately testable modules
    • Number of modules tested is a good indicator of project progress.
    • Up-to-date documentation
  • Architectural Quality
    • Different functional responsibilities easily to different structural units.
    • Changes do not spread through the system
    • Modules are easy to reuse as multiple instances.
  • Functional Quality
    • Reliability: Units can be thoroughly tested separately and together.
    • Efficiency: Generated software is fast and compact, comparable to manually coded.
    • Real-Time Determinism: Coding architecture helps to achieve deterministic behavior.

Software circuit diagram Hierarchical "software circuit diagrams" helps visualizing connections between the components.

ReaGeniX technology helps you to save money:

  • Faster development project
    • ReaGeniX methodology cuts complexity of the design problem by effective separation of concerns in several dimensions. Less complex design problems are significantly faster to solve correctly.
    • New designs and corrections can be immediately generated to code and tested.
  • Utilizing existing software
    • ReaGeniX generated code interfaces well to existing software, both to computing functions and to run-time environment.
  • Less errors found in field testing
    • Errors found in field testing are expensive. ReaGeniX helps finding errors earlier facilitating thorough testing in all phases of system development.
  • Less coding work
    • ReaGeniX generator writes C-code from the design diagrams.
    • Automatic coding allows testing to start from the first design drafts.
  • ReaGeniX-developed code is a solid investment
    • Modules developed using ReaGeniX can be used in several generations of the system. They can be interfaced to different run-time environments to perform the same functionality.
    • Modules can be put to library to be used in future systems.
    • If you want to abandon ReaGeniX for some reason, the code can be maintained manually. (Of course not so easily)
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