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Introduction to ReaGeniX describes what ReaGeniX technology is, what kind of problems it solves and to whom it is useful.

ReaGeniX Solutions describes how to cope with some hard concurrent system design problems using ReaGeniX.

Effective Creation of Reliable Microcontroller Software describes how to effectively develop realtime control systems.

Tutorial to explain a detailed walkthrough how to develop an application using ReaGeniX. The example application used is a stopwatch for Windows.

Traffic Light example is provided to illustrate ReaGeniX methodology:

  • This automatically generated Traffic Light's HTML documentation illustrates how to use ReaGeniX architecture and state diagrams.
  • This excerpt from ReaGeniX User's Manual describes Traffic Light example.
  • Traffic Light is also provided to demonstrates how ReaGeniX component test environment can be used to test software components. Download the file, unzip it to a folder that you created, and execute TrafficLight.exe.

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